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Amy's Adventures Abroad



Here I am...away from my home in New York and in LONDON to spend a semester learning and growing at Middlesex University. I will be taking 2 classes (Advertising and Marketing Research) and completing my internship for credit (haven't received my placement for this yet). When I return to the states Dec 17, I will finish out my senior year at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester and graduate in May! I created this site to keep my family and friends updated about my adventures as I explore London and the rest of Europe. Please keep in touch!

Follow these links to keep up-to-date!
JOURNAL - Here you will find my online journal (aka: blog). I will be updating it on a regular basis, giving descriptions of the things I am doing each day as I explore Europe. Latest post: 12/4/05
PHOTOS - I brought my digital camera and upload new pictures every few days. I will post most of the ones I think you will want to see. If you want to see the rest, please let me know! Latest Update: 12/4/05
CONTACT ME - Please keep in touch! I will be missing home and love to hear from you all. Call, email, IM, or send letters/packages!

Big Ben, London


Be sure to keep in touch and check back often!